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February 2015
February 2015
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2005 bNet NZ Music Awards Nominees Announced

17th March 2005

Voting for the 2005 bNet NZ Music Awards is now open.

The inaugural bNet NZ music Awards were held at the now-defunct Mandalay in the Auckland suburb of Newmarket in 1998 and this is their eighth year. This year sees the comeback of the  Fox awards, last seen in 1999 when the 'Best Fox' prize was taken out by Julia Deans of Fur Patrol.

Award nominees are listed at All tracks can be heard and voted for online.

Winners will be announced at the 2005 bNet New Zealand Music Awards on the night of May 27th at the Auckland Town Hall.

Best Video

The Fanatics
– Models
The Mint Chicks – Opium for the People
Tha Feelstyle – Outside Enclosure
SJD – Superman You’re Crying
Savage – Swing

 Live Act

Trinity Roots
The Mint Chicks

Most Promising New Act

The Sneaks
Emerald Green
Conduits of Consumption
Farmer Pimp

Best Downbeat Release

Trinity Roots
– 'Home, Land and Sea'
Katchafire – 'Slowburning'
Kora – 'Volume'
Tommy – '4000 Years'
Cornerstone Roots – 'Forward Movements' EP

Best Hip Hop Release

– 'Magic City'
Tha Feelstyle – 'Break It To Pieces'
4th Element – 'Raw Nu Inventions'
R.E.S. – 'Red Eye Society'
Open Souls – It’s In Our Hands/Hip-Hop 12"

Best Electronic Release

Pitch Black
– 'Ape to Angel'
Audio Sauce – 'Continental Drift'
Agent Alvin – 'Agent Alvin'
Minuit – 'Guns' EP
Rhian Sheehan – 'Music for Nature Documentaries'

Best Pop Release

– 'Southern Lights'
Fly My Pretties – 'Live at the Bats'
Betchadupa – 'Aiming For Your Head'
Pluto - 'Pipeline Under the Ocean'
Pine – 'Akira Sunrise'

Best Rock Release

The Mint Chicks
– 'Anti Tiger' EP
The Fanatics – 'The Fanatics' EP
The Shocking Pinks – 'Mathematical Warfare'
Deja Voodoo – 'Brown Sabbath'
Batrider – 'They Said You’re Hideous'

Best Compilation

'Get A Haircut'
'Pacific Heights'
'Loop 06'
'Pick of the Litter'
'Str8 from the Streets'

Best DVD

'A Low Hum'
'Flying Nun’s: Second Season'
'Loop 006 Kono DVD'
'Fly My Pretties'

Best Unreleased Song

Phoenix Foundation
– Hitchcock
Phelps and Munro – Live at the Kings Arms
The Checks – Mercedes Children
Operation Rolling Thunder – Standing Still, Still Standing
North Shore Pony Club – The Sequel

Best Song

The D4
- Sake Bomb
The Fanatics - Dead
SJD - Superman You’re Crying
Pitch Black – Lost in Translation
Pluto – Dance Stamina

Best Album

– 'Southern Lights'
Tha Feelstyle – 'Break It To Pieces'
Fly My Pretties – 'Live at the Bats'
Trinity Roots – 'Home, Land and Sea'
The Shocking Pinks – 'Mathematical Warfare'

Most Outstanding Musician

Rhian Sheehan
Barnaby Weir
Sean James Donnelly
Paul McLaney

Best Producer

Ed McWilliams
(Edmund Cake)
Mu (Fat Freddy’s Drop)
Andy Morton (Tha Feelstyle)
Lee Prebble (Fly My Pretties)
Dale Cotton ('The Fanatics' EP)

Best Cover Art

Tha Feelstyle
– 'Break It To Pieces'
Fly My Pretties – 'Live at the Bats'
The Mint Chicks – 'Anti Tiger' EP
Pine – 'Akira Sunrise'
Audiosauce – 'Diversecity'

Best Male Vocalist

Dallas Tamaira
(Fat Freddys Drop)
Sean James Donelly (SJD)
Shayne Carter (Dimmer/Straight Jacket Fits)
Kas (Feelstyle)
Paul McLaney (Gramsci)

Best Female Vocalist

Sarah Mansfield
Heather Mansfield (The Brunettes)
Hollie Smith
MC Tali
Anika Moa

Male Fox

Tom Clark
(The Fanatics)
Paul Roper (The Mint Chicks)
Shayne Carter (Dimmer/Straightjacket Fits)
Samuel Flynn Scott (Phoenix Foundation)
Con Psy (Frontline)

Female Fox

Heather Mansfield
(The Brunettes)
Sjionel Timu (The Coolies)
Sarah Chadwick (Batrider)
Ruth Carr (Minuit)
Kirsten Morelle (Goldenhorse)


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