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December 2016
December 2016
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Ekko Park, Ill Semantics, The Broken Heartbreakers, Lisa Crawley, Valere, Fragile Colours, No Broadcast, Hikurangi Schavarien-Kaa, Skinny Hobos, Heroes For Sale, The Lucid Effect, Chris Priestley, Delaney Davidson in Europe
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Barry Saunders - An Interstellar Country Collaboration -
by Shaun Chait
Barry Saunders' fifth solo album 'Zodiac' was released on November 17 with precious little fanfare. There was no industry party, no showcase gig, no online campaign, but as Shaun Chait, who talked with him in Wellington on the day reports, there was for Saunders a certain sense of pride and personal satisfaction in releasing an album 22 years after he started on the journey. ...more
Luger Boa - From Revolution to Evolution -
by Jacob Connor
It's been over two years since The D4 disbanded, leaving guitarist and lead vocalist Jimmy Christmas wondering what to do with his creative energy. He talks to Jacob Connor about finding inspiration in the library and recording the new Luger Boa album 'Mutate or Die' before he got round to forming a band. ...more
Music Mountain Matakana -
by Lydia Jenkin
Nigel Rowthorne is a man of considerable pedigree in the live sound and production world, notably having worked as production and stage manager at Sweetwaters Festivals from 1980-82. More recently he has been live sound engineer in a vast array of venues, from the Boiler Room at the Big Day Out to the Auckland Domain for Opera in the Park, and in between involved with dozens of Western Springs' shows for international acts including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, The Police, Neil Young, Joe Cocker and Bob Marley. He has a wealth of stories to tell, yet there's no ego to be found when talking to him. In 2006 Rowthorne set up Music Mountain Matakana, a new outdoor venue nestled upon a 'mountain' in amongst native bush, in the idyllic coastal region an hour north of Auckland city. Lydia Jenkin paid a visit to find out how he got started, the challenges of setting up and running an outdoor venue, and what MMM has in store for us this summer. She found a dedicated and passionate professional with keen attention to detail and a good sense of humour. ...more
Over the Atlantic - There and Back on a Shoestring -
by Steph Gray
Growing alt pop act Over the Atlantic have spent four months of 2008 venturing up near the Atlantic, touring the US and Europe on a shoestring and gathering inspiration for their next album. Front man Nik Brinkman talks to Stephanie Gray about their adventures across the seas, and the release of second album 'Dimensions'. ...more
Savage - Sultan Of Swing -
by Richard Thorne
As successful as it was, with gold-bearing sales and five weeks at number one in our charts over January/February 2005, Swing was eclipsed by the phenomenal trans-Tasman success of Savage’s immediate follow up single. Moonshine, (famously featuring vocals by Akon) went double platinum here and gold in Australia, making it Dawn Raid’s biggest ever single. Well, that is until the producers of Knocked Up tied Swing to a night club scene in the movie which went on to become one of the big cult hits of 2007. US college students loved it and their MySpace requests led Dawn Raid to get Swing onto iTunes in the States. From there download demand drove it into the US Billboard Hip Hop charts, where it first became certified gold (with 500,000 digital sales) in August, then by November 2008 a platinum- (1,000,000) selling single. And still it sells – passing 1.25 million as this issue of NZM goes to print. With Canada starting to Swing and a UK launch planned for late February, who knows how many more it will have sold by the next issue? Richard Thorne caught up with Savage and his Dawn Raid team mates, in Auckland and New York, as they prepare for the launch of Savage’s US-produced album ‘Savage Island’. ...more
Sheba Williams - Double debut Multifarious Talent -
by Martyn Pepperell
Self-styled calyptro (calypso electro) artist Sheba Williams was born in New Zealand and raised between the triad of Wellington's K-based suburbs; Karori, Kelburn and Khandallah. Sheba is the daughter of a Guyanese storyteller and, on her father's side, granddaughter of a woman she describes as the 'closest thing to the Queen of England in Parnell'. She tells Martyn Pepperell some of her own story upon the release of her debutdouble album 'Sheba'. ...more
Tainted - Endorsments Along the Path of Vengeance -
by Richard Thorne
Arizona-based Jackson Guitars are widely renowned for their affiliation with metal-heads and shredders. Jackson models come with names like Warrior, King V and Rhoads (after the late Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne guitarist), and the endorsee artist list on the website is headed with players from bands like Hatebreed, Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden and Lamb of God. Scroll a little further down that list and you will now come across five-piece Christchurch metal act Tainted. Unfortunately it’s a US, not Kiwi flag that’s raised alongside their name, but that’s not such an issue – the point is that three members of Tainted have been made Jackson endorsees. What better way to kick into the promotion of their new album ‘Carved and Created’ than with the news that the legendary US metal guitar maker reckons you’ve got what it takes to represent their brand? ...more
The Kingites - Crafting the Feathers of Peace -
by Andrew Hughes
Having come to the attention of the dub/reggae/roots community with the release of a self-titled EP in 2005, and then on the Conscious Roots compilations in recent years, The Kingites are finally releasing their first full length album. Guitarist Stephen Forbes talks to Andrew Hughes about 'Feathers of Peace', where they came from, trying to provoke awareness with their conscious lyrics and defying genre conventions. ...more
The Mots - Band of Brothers -
by Lydia Jenkin
If you're a musically talented bunch of siblings then it seems you've got a decent shot at making some great music together. Kings of Leon, Oasis, The Jackson Five, The Osmonds, the Bee Gees, and our own Finn brothers are but a few examples. Newly joining this list is Auckland four piece The Mots who talked with Lydia Jenkin about recording their debut release ('The Mots') without a budget, getting Neil Finn's attention, and channelling their brotherly love. ...more