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Jack D the Kleenex Kid - Album releaseShucky_Duckington033624-Mar-2014 2:06pm
by Shucky_Duckington
Auckland Band. Looking For Drummer StarsDDM029416-Mar-2014 5:46pm
by StarsDDM
Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist looking for Duet or bandCAPO042605-Mar-2014 3:30pm
Parnell, Auckland band wanted for a free recording at a studio!danielcmusic244305-Mar-2014 12:04pm
by ralphe
Promotion/marketing neededSwears124405-Mar-2014 12:02pm
by ralphe
AKL Drummer Wanted - 90s BritRock influence www.thisflighttonight.comralphe014005-Mar-2014 11:09am
by ralphe
American GUITARIST/SINGER looking for people to jam with in the central/west Auckland area. Mostly wanting to have fun and make connections, but am willing to commit more fully if something really good develops. I'm here in NZ for the long run (I married Jonathan566617-Feb-2014 11:19am
by bliige
Established and active "Experience U2" Seeks Musicians!skyplonk032731-Jan-2014 9:58pm
by skyplonk
Female vocalist wanted in Wellingtonniceguyollie028721-Jan-2014 3:01pm
by niceguyollie
Drummer Wanted Kiss The Funky Monkey World TourKissTheFunkyMonkey023016-Jan-2014 11:02pm
by KissTheFunkyMonkey
Calling all Lead Guitarists!Katastrophic020014-Jan-2014 7:03pm
by Katastrophic
Ramrod Media Studioramrod014714-Jan-2014 12:01am
by ramrod
BLACKLEAF GARDENS - Exprimental/Prog MetalNerverios037303-Dec-2013 5:06pm
by Nerverios
Sales On 2X Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM-2000 Nexus $2740Ratrace018530-Nov-2013 3:36pm
by Ratrace
drummer and bassist wanted for punk bandGino028322-Nov-2013 9:25pm
by Gino
Wanted: Practice Space/Studio or Warehouse for rentNZ Musician026215-Nov-2013 2:58pm
by NZ Musician
hi my name is mark i am a six string bass player and play with a heavy jazz fusion band i am going to be in auckland in november and looking for a drummer or conga player to work with on this or a new project but check our site you can listen online and gmark schmidt142509-Nov-2013 1:03am
by Ace12
Wgtn Practice Space to ShareConHyland029115-Oct-2013 8:51pm
by ConHyland
Super cheap studio deal!matrixdigital027123-Sep-2013 2:03pm
by matrixdigital
GuitaristRocknFnRoll030419-Sep-2013 4:56pm
by RocknFnRoll
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