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Established and active "Experience U2" Seeks Musicians!skyplonk028531-Jan-2014 9:58pm
by skyplonk
Female vocalist wanted in Wellingtonniceguyollie025621-Jan-2014 3:01pm
by niceguyollie
Drummer Wanted Kiss The Funky Monkey World TourKissTheFunkyMonkey019016-Jan-2014 11:02pm
by KissTheFunkyMonkey
Calling all Lead Guitarists!Katastrophic015914-Jan-2014 7:03pm
by Katastrophic
Ramrod Media Studioramrod011014-Jan-2014 12:01am
by ramrod
BLACKLEAF GARDENS - Exprimental/Prog MetalNerverios033703-Dec-2013 5:06pm
by Nerverios
Sales On 2X Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM-2000 Nexus $2740Ratrace014930-Nov-2013 3:36pm
by Ratrace
drummer and bassist wanted for punk bandGino024022-Nov-2013 9:25pm
by Gino
Wanted: Practice Space/Studio or Warehouse for rentNZ Musician022615-Nov-2013 2:58pm
by NZ Musician
hi my name is mark i am a six string bass player and play with a heavy jazz fusion band i am going to be in auckland in november and looking for a drummer or conga player to work with on this or a new project but check our site you can listen online and gmark schmidt139009-Nov-2013 1:03am
by Ace12
Wgtn Practice Space to ShareConHyland025515-Oct-2013 8:51pm
by ConHyland
Super cheap studio deal!matrixdigital023023-Sep-2013 2:03pm
by matrixdigital
GuitaristRocknFnRoll026919-Sep-2013 4:56pm
by RocknFnRoll
Heavy rock band looking for bands to GIG withOkura024211-Sep-2013 10:58am
by Okura
Free Mastering!DustrailAudio033801-Sep-2013 12:00pm
by DustrailAudio
Reliable/skilled Wellington Drummer looking for covers band.IanMoir045325-Aug-2013 4:11pm
by IanMoir
Music videos - I'd be happy to make your next onemthorpnz019724-Aug-2013 6:16pm
by mthorpnz
Article on how best to promote yourself onlinemthorpnz025624-Aug-2013 6:08pm
by mthorpnz
Seeking Vocalist for Djent Project, Aucklandwill024521-Aug-2013 8:05pm
by will
Drummer/ lead gat neededMattock127115-Aug-2013 1:24pm
by Mattock
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