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December 2016
December 2016
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2004's Music Award Season

Author: Melanie Selby

Juice TV Awards

Katcahfire and friends enjoy the Juice TV party.

48 May look pleased to be the people's choice at the Juice TV Awards.

For those of us who love the thought of all those musicians, all that glamour, all the pretentiousness of awards ceremonies - September was truly a month to behold.

The three major national music awards were celebrated in Auckland in the same month (well, near enough) - the bNet Awards, Juice TV's music video awards and finally the NZ Music Awards - moved this year from May to share the prime third quarter calendar space.

The demands on my wardrobe haven't been so high since, well since forever.

First up were the fourth annual Juice TV Awards held on August 30 held, as usual, at the multi-level Float Bar in Auckland's Viaduct area. I donned outfit number one and headed down.

This year was the first time the Juice awards have consisted solely of NZ music. From their instigation there has been a sense of awkwardness in the competition of million dollar US videos against the homegrown shoestring budget efforts, most of which have, at best, had the record company match NZ On Air's $5000 support.

To their great credit Juice have always found a way to have the local flavours mostly dominate, so keeping the Oscar-like trophies close to home, and limiting the cost/embarrassment of chasing the likes of Outkast, Beyonce and Usher around for trophy acceptance speeches. Now, it seems, the 24/7 music channel agree that our own music videos have enough viewer support to sustain their own ceremony. The awards are voted for by the Juice-watching public and no band went away more than one (even Scribe).

Misfits of Science took out the Best Video award for Fools Love and an absent Sommerset took the award for Best Rock Video for Say What You Want. There were a few new faces on the scene this year with Goodnight Nurse winning the Best Breakthrough Video for Loners and 48 May picking up the ZM People's Choice Awards for Come Back Down.

After the awards were announced, the videos played and all available complementary alcohol was consumed, the live performances were kicked off by Pluto. Lucid 3 were up next (having won the Best Indie Video for AM Radio), however frontwoman Victoria Girling-Butcher was suffering from a terrible cold and had lost her voice. Mozelee gave a rocking performance next and I managed to get home safe and sound and still enthusiastic for awards number two - the bNets.