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December 2016
December 2016
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Frontline: Borrowed Time

By Gareth Shute
Expectations were high for this album, the first official release from Frontline. Con Psy (David Dallas) has built a following from his work with P-Money and Scribe, and now the question is will his fast-flowing, witty rhymes have enough depth to sustain a whole album? Certainly the album delivers its share of snappy punchlines, as when Con Psy threatens to 'leave you like Ben Lummis when the novelty ends'. Other sections reveal that he has more up his sleeve, with tracks like Lost in Translation and Time is Now delving into the deeper issues of family conflict and resolution. The other half of Frontline, is Nick McLaren who goes by the name 41 these days. His production work on the album is slick and draws on the latest feels from the US, whilst adding a few deft touches of his own, particularly in the backing of tabla drums on Screw Loose and the mix of bass samples and live funk bass (courtesy of Vanessa McGowen) throughout a number of the other tracks. Strong guest appearances, include PNC, Cherene Clark (No Artificial Flavours), members of the NZ Youth Choir, and Sven Petterson of the Checks.

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