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December 2016
December 2016
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Trinity Roots: True

By Dominic Blaazer
Although it is mainly borne out of soul, hiphop and reggae, you can find something out there being called 'our own sound'. You can find it through a direct line peopled by Prince Tui Teka, Herbs, Upper Hutt Posse, DLT, King Kapisi, Che Fu and others. Judging by this debut album, Wellington's Trinity Roots certainly fit into that canon, and because the band's founders met on a jazz course, they've brought their own difference to that pot. I don't mean 5/4 time signatures, I mean an improvisation on a theme. This CD is the result of a process in which the band recorded a vast canvas of sound but when they looked back at it, something made them want to focus on the raw elements within it rather than on the bigger picture. They then embarked on the painful process of farewelling what they didn't like, leaving behind a spacious amalgam of waiata, reggae, funk, dub, electronica and soul, creating, in that process, a different picture. Some of these influences are plain to see, some are not and if you are a fan of Trinity Roots' shows, you'll have to get used to far less crowd-pleasing. They have left that safety behind and taken the braver step: being true to themselves, creating something soulful as a result that only they could have.

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