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Taste Nasa - A Taste of Pirongia in LA
With less than a year having passed since Taste Nasa’s debut EP ‘No Questions Asked’ was released, Leroy Clampitt has been all over the place. After moving to the States in May 2014, he has seen the sights touring with Strange Babes, helped produce a radio show which looks at Kiwis living in the States for Kiwi FM, and has spent his time making music day in, day out. With a three-track sophomore EP nearing release, Jesse Austin talks with the man behind the music.




It was the talk of the town when the 30-year-old brunette showed up after a four year absence spo...
Rags-to-riches stories don’t come much better. The three Samoan-New Zealanders who came from nowh...
Bernie Griffen is staunchly down-to-earth and a very talented songwriter and storyteller, economi...
The Pantograph Punch got a team to record Tiny Ruins Gig at the beautiful Crystal Palace in Mt. E...
Scott J Mason is a bit of a perfectionist. Safe to say this multi-instrumentalist, who has been v...
Justine Cormack (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Sarah Watkins (piano) together make up NZTrio,...
These Automatic Changers started making music in mid-2011, rising from the ashes of Payola, a pre...
Ghosts of Electricity are a three-piece from Auckland, but with roots that stretch as far away as...
Wellington's biggest Weissenborn fan Thomas Oliver went to Europe recently and took some photos ...
Stepping into the bright airy interior of a downtown café, I scan the room for Jono, guitarist fr...
Mitch O’Sullivan recently caught up with Dave Weir of Dave Weir and the Deadly Nightshades in his...
"It was a jam with a loop pedal that started this band,” states Ian Moir, the drummer from Into O...
During a hectic two years living in New York, touring and making an album with Liam Finn – and in...
It might still be winter, but it's time to ‘SWIM’! Actually the name of Die! Die! Die!'s fifth an...
"I think isolation for a musician can be a good thing,”, Sarah Conlan says. We have met at a c...


We've invited some folk known for their keen-eyed music industry observations to comment on events and trends in the biz, both here at home and abroad.
Homegrown 2015
Jesse Austin: Homegrown 2015
After catching the wrong bus and somehow finding myself in Kilbirnie, I finally, and somewhat surprisingly, made it to the Wellington waterfront for Jim Beam Homegrown on time. This was my first time attending the locally sourced music festival, and after
Live Signal Chain
Reb Fountain: Live Signal Chain
Remembering Sam Prebble
In Memorial
NZM Newswire: In Memorial
Remembering Alan Kingsley Smith, 1932 – 2015
Shihad, The Datsuns, I Am Giant and Cairo Knife Fight - Live on Christchurch Cathedral Square NYE 2014
John Paul Carroll: Shihad, The Datsuns, I Am Giant and Cairo Knife Fight - Live on Christchurch Cathedral Square NYE 2014
The tantalising prospect of four of the best NZ bands going around - both preeminent and upcoming - was hard to resist for thousands of Christchurch rockers as they marched upon the city square in time for New Years Eve celebrations for the incumbent 2015
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Feb/Mar 2015
Feb/Mar 2015
In this issue:
Maisey Rika, Race Banyon, Alan Brown, Anthonie Tonnon, Ophelia, Bergerac, Glass Boat, The Funky North, Taste Nasa, Pause Applause, Li’l Chuck, The Floral Clocks
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Making Tracks March 2015
Making Tracks March 2015
NZOA Music have released their Making Tracks finding decisions for March 2015 more...
Creative NZ Supports Collaborations
Creative NZ Supports Collaborations
Creative New Zealand is calling for proposals for collaborative arts projects between New Zealand and China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore through their Asia/New Zealand Co-Commissioning Fund. more...
Mice On Stilts Call For Submissions
Mice On Stilts Call For Submissions
Auckland band Mice On Stilts are asking anyone keen to contribute for submissions to add to a book they’re planning to release alongside their debut album more...
Goodbye Kiwi FM
Goodbye Kiwi FM
Mediaworks confirm that Kiwi FM will close down after 9 years on air more...
Break Up Catch Up
Break Up Catch Up
Only a few months old, 2015 has already been a year of major band break ups. more...
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Auckland singer songwriter Lisa Crawley made the move to Melbourne over a year and seems to settle in nicely. Aussie website Music Industry Inside Out asks her 7 questions about being a musician.
"When women are political and angry or emotional, it's written off as being silly and over the top"
Ian "Blink" Jorgensen gives NZ blog community Public Address an insight into his upcoming series of photo books
Found by Cy Winstanley of Tattletale Saints
An Australian study conducted by Victoria University has found that people who work in the entertainment industry are significantly more likely to suffer from mental health problems, are paid much less than the rest of the community and have higher rates of suicide
Ever wondered how to play a certain Kiwi song? We’ve asked local musicians to give us chords, lyrics and general instructions to play one of their songs, so you can learn it yourself or teach it to others. Are there any songs you’d like to see here, or are you keen to write up one of your own for others? Get in touch via!
"The scream of a thousand corpses"
BBC’s loss will most certainly be Apple Corp’s gain with the announcement that Zane Lowe is leaving the Beeb for a role with Apple’s new iTunes radio service.
Bob Dylan was honored by MusiCares, the US charity organization that aids musicians in need, at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday night. Dylan took the opportunity to deliver a 30-plus-minute acceptance speech that's well worth reading.
A new generation of bands is emerging from Dunedin.
Hieronymus Bosch's painting The Garden of Earthly Delights depicts a hellish choir singing a song painted on the buttocks of a sinner. A musician has transcribed it into modern notation for our listening pleasure.
BitTorrent's "bundles" allow artists to mix paid content with free content. As part of the deal, the artist retains 90% of the profits made.
Are we hearing the same hit country song over and over again, just sung by different artists?
What if you're in the desert to shoot a video for a song about the sun, but apart from sweltering heat, you mostly find clouds and rain.
You might know Jack Conte's band Pomplamoose. Here's him talking candidly about his band's touring profits.
Fly My Pretties are breaking new grounds for Kiwi bands by allowing fans a yearly subscription that will give fans access to the band’s full back catalogue as well as future releases, and deals on merchandise.
Is Facebook turning itself into a useless tool for indie musicians?
An idea to change the system currently used to pay artists for their streams on Spotify.
Just because you're a finalist, doesn't mean you get to go to the Music Awards...
Two men jailed over Dancing Jesus site music piracy
Violinist Vanessa-Mae plans to file an appeal against her four-year ban from competitive skiing for taking part in fixed races before the Sochi Olympics.
Curious what Churyumov-Gerasimenko 67P sounds like?
How playing an instrument benefits your brain
An exodus from Spotify - Is online content not worth your while?
13 Women On How To Change Male-Dominated Studio Culture - Why aren't more women becoming music producers?
Musicians die younger and more painfully says a new study.
With its new Unlimited service, a New York startup tries to apply a business model proven for software and songs on live entertainment.
Rather true analysis of different current genres in cartoon form
German Anna-Maria Hefele can sing two notes at the same time. Common in throat singing, it's a rare sight in Western music.
Kim Dotcom waves goodbye to Baboom "in an attempt to cultivate more positive relationships with the music industry."
So how as a band or musician do you cut through to your fans and help build a successful crowd-funding campaign?
Annual returns from the U.K. music industry grew 9% (to £3.8 billion) in 2013 according to a just-published report from UK Music, an umbrella organisation representing the collective interests of the U.K.'s commercial music industry.
A 31-year-old man in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky was arrested last week after he posted lyrics from the band Exodus on his Facebook wall last week
It doesn't matter if it's a satirical song like Planet Key or a limerick, the Electoral Commission isn't about to make exception to rules on political advertising and programmes.
An American deathcore band have found themselves in hot water with their fans after they declared that their lead singer was missing and possibly abducted.
The National Football League (NFL) is seeking US$15.1 million in fines from singer/rapper M.I.A after she pulled the middle finger during a performance at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.
According to a review released by online music service, Spotify, only 80% of the 20 million songs on its site have been listened to at least once, leaving a total of 4 million songs unheard.
A Canadian musician is using crowdfunding to help buy back the rights to her music.
According to a study by researchers at the University of South Brittany in France, women are 31% more likely to give their phone number to a man carrying a guitar.
A two year degree in heavy metal has been labeled a “waste of time” by a British education campaign.
The Naked And Famous have released their latest musical offering in the form of an April Fools prank titled, Living Like Kings, Acting Like Queens.
TVNZ current affairs show Seven Sharp has come under fire from the Women's Refuge after a story on violence against women featured the song Smack My Bitch Up as a backing track.
Personal Fest an Argentinean music festival has made an attempt to liven up the festival bathroom experience by introducing a range of port-a-loos that play music when they're occupied.
Ken West, founder of the Big Day Out, has accused metal band Slipknot of giving him SARS during a flight out of New Zealand.
A piece of music composed from bird poo on a giant piece of sheet music has received its first performance in the UK.
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No Longer Silent
Cairo Knife Fight
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321 Remix
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A Boy
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8 Foot Sativa
8 Foot Sativa